Dave Meltzer Rates Cody's Dynamite Promo As All-Time Great; "It Should Be Studied"

Wrestling Observer editor high on fire.

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer was very high on Cody's astonishing promo on this week's Dynamite.

Speaking on Observer Radio, Meltzer raved about it as an all-timer, impressed specifically by the amount of information Cody tasked himself with disseminating: putting over the brand, his Full Gear Championship match, the latest stipulation added to it, and a tease for the 'Match Beyond' - AEW's mooted WarGames adaptation between the Elite and the Inner Circle.

Meltzer wasn't just deeply impressed the quality of the promo; he stressed the importance of it, claiming it should be taught going forward at wrestling schools, making sure, of course, to mention that there are "40" writers in WWE who could never write something as effective as this.

A divisive point to make, certainly, but a salient one: the passion bled through the crack in Cody's voice in a way that hasn't crackled through mainstream airwaves in years, he paused at exactly the right times to take (but not bask) in the thunderous crowd reaction, and he delivered clearly his own words with heart, precision, and wit.

He created a true moment in modern pro wrestling history, a catchphrase, and inevitably, a t-shirt.

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