Did WWE Just Write Lilly Off Of WWE Raw?

Alexa Bliss announced she is putting Lilly "in timeout" on last night's Raw.

Alexa Bliss Lilly

Last night's episode of WWE Raw may have served as a write-out for Alexa Biss' possessed toy doll, Lilly.

Bliss opened the show from her backstage playground. The former Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion cut a promo on last week's divisive angle featuring Lilly and Shayna Baszler, seemingly acknowledging the backlash by saying she had received "a lot of strongly-worded 'complaints' about what Lilly did last week."

After some highlight footage, Bliss announced she was going to "put Lilly in timeout" ahead of WWE's impending return to the road.


Baszler's tag team partner, Nia Jax, then interrupted the segment, setting up a singles match between her and Bliss for later in the evening. Alexa ended up winning the bout by disqualification when Reginald broke a pinfall attempt.

Bliss and Baszler will go one on one at Hell in a Cell 2021 this Sunday, as confirmed on Raw.


Last week's angle was controversial, even for the ongoing Bliss storyline, with Shayna (a former NXT Women's Champion and an ex-MMA badass who once fearlessly went toe-to-toe with Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes) fleeing from the possessed toy doll. She was seemingly so spooked she couldn't make it to the arena this week either.

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