Did WWE Make Renee Young "Feel Weird" After Jon Moxley's AEW Jump?

"OK, are people gonna treat me different now?"


It must've been pretty strange for Renee Young when her husband Jon Moxley left WWE in 2019 and subsequently linked up with new company rival AEW.

The question is: Did Renee feel like attitudes towards her behind the scenes changed when Dean Ambrose quit, turned into Moxley and made headlines with the competition?

Young set the record straight during her interview with the 'Sunday Night's Main Event' podcast.


She said that she was definitely worried that people (including upper management) would start to treat her differently when her man popped up on AEW programming. However, Renee revealed that WWE were great with her and valued her for her own skills.

Even so, Young was concerned that there'd be some "slow burn" kind of resentment that'd fester and eventually creep out. Again though, that never really happened - WWE as a whole, Vince McMahon as a boss and pretty much everybody backstage continued treating her the same.


The only real bummer for Renee was that she lost time with Jon on the road. That meant she had to find a new travel partner and rejig her scheduling so she could see him at home as much as possible.

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