Did WWE's Bobby Lashley Feel Awkward Flirting With Lana?

Also, what impact did the storyline have on his kids?

Lana Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley told the 'Table Top' podcast how he really felt about WWE's controversial love affair angle with Lana.

According to big Bob, it wasn't that awkward to film the skits, kiss another man's (Rusev's) wife or flirt for the cameras. He viewed it as exactly what it was: WWE-style soap opera, and didn't take anything too seriously. In fact, the only thing Lashley was worried about was how his kids would react, and what their friends would say about it all.

So, to try and protect them, Bobby stopped bringing his children to shows and wouldn't let them watch any WWE programming.


That wasn't enough - they were curious, and Lashley knew he had to sit them down and explain what was going on. Those clear the air talks helped everyone, and his kids told their dad they knew he was only playing a character on TV.

Despite willingly going ahead with the story, Bobby did tell the pod, "I don’t know if it was best for the show". He didn't find it that uncomfortable personally, but wasn't 100% sold on the angle as a ratings draw or something that'd help anyone long term.

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