Did WWE's Damage CTRL Just Get A New Member?

Events on SmackDown hint that Bayley's WWE's faction is about to expand.

Xia Li Adam Pearce

Xia Li helped Damage CTRL members Dakota Kai and IYO SKY retain their Women's Tag-Team belts on the latest WWE SmackDown.

During the bout (Kai/SKY vs. Liv Morgan and Tegan Nox), a hooded individual attacked Nox over by the barrier and was promptly dragged away by in-house security. Meanwhile, Bayley looked on confused from ringside at what was going on.

Later, in a WWE "Digital Exclusive", default authority figure Adam Pearce hauled down the hood to reveal that Xia was the one responsible. Pearce then dismissed security and told Li they needed to have a little chat about her actions during such an important match.


Now, fans online are wondering whether or not Xia will become the newest member of Damage CTRL. That'd certainly give Li something to do every week, but it'd be a risk to dilute the core threesome by adding somebody else into the mix.

Again though, Xia hasn't exactly been busy on WWE television. She's been a bit-part player since Triple H took charge (truthfully, things looked dire before that too), and has only really popped up in various multi-wrestler situations.


Keep an eye out to see if Li interacts with Damage CTRL on Raw.

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