Did WWE's Lacey Evans Just Joke About Seducing Seth Rollins?

Looks like it...

Lacey Evans can brace herself for an angry text from one Becky Lynch. Maybe (probably not).

WWE's 'Sassy Southern Belle' shared a post on Twitter looking back at her mixed tag-team match with Baron Corbin against Becky and Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules 2019. During the bout, Evans worked a memorable spot in which she tried to seduce Seth so he'd lower his guard.

It didn't work, but Lacey is certain that she only needed more time to seduce Rollins. She joked, "10 more minutes and I'd be the one with time off". That's hilarious, and it's a fun nod back towards what was actually a heavily-criticised match.


Evans was referencing the fact that Lynch is pregnant with Seth's child and currently sidelined from WWE as she prepares for motherhood. As a mother herself, Lacey could give her a few tips - instead, she's far too busy having a giggle on social media.

Fair enough.


Lacey appeared to revert back to her old heel character on this week's SmackDown. WWE have teased this on and off over the past few weeks, but they seemed to pull the trigger on Friday's show.

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