Dolph Ziggler Out Of Action Due To Filming WWE Movie

He's reportedly also signed that new contract with WWE.

Dolph Ziggler will be out of action for around a month as he's filming a new movie for WWE called "6:42." The report from PWInsider also notes that Ziggler has signed a new contract with WWE. In the movie, Ziggler will play a cop named Ray Fitzpatrick that has to overcome his past while dealing with a plot to blow up a child with a bomb strapped to their chest. Since the filming of the movie will take about four weeks, it's expected that Ziggler will be back in time to set up a match for SummerSlam on August 23. Ziggler will film the movie, which is a thriller, in Vancouver. That's where a lot of WWE movies have been filmed in the past including a recent movie that his on screen girlfriend Lana filmed with Edge.

Ziggler was written out of storylines on last week's Raw when Rusev attacked him with his crutches. The big spot saw Rusev driving the top of the crutch into Ziggler's throat, which led to Ziggler doing a stretcher job. Lana was apparently at Raw this week, but did not appear on camera because Ziggler is out of action. The Ziggler/Rusev story has had a really slow build to it but it seems likely that they will have a match at SummerSlam with Ziggler coming back for revenge after Rusev took him out of action. They could also do a mixed tag so that Lana could team with Ziggler while Summer Rae could team with Rusev.

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