Dolph Ziggler Reveals What Stops Him Leaving WWE

What keeps changing Dolph's mind?

Dolph Ziggler has come close to leaving WWE several times over the past few years, but he told Bleacher Report exactly why he always changes his mind.

He cares about helping others and working good matches.

Ziggler revealed that he has sat himself down many times and decided to dismiss whatever financial offer the company comes up with. Then, after doing some soul-searching and spending time thinking things over properly, he always comes back to the same conclusions.


"Well, I’m now working with X person, Y person, and Z person and I know I can make them better. I’m going to stay this time and figure things out".

Rinse and repeat.


Dolph takes pride in bumping around for opponents and helping WWE make new stars. It's a curse, because that means he'll never be "the guy" himself, but he can't stop repeating this pattern. He says he's learned to embrace major losses and say, "OK, I'm going to make this match awesome".

Being WWE's utility man has earned Ziggler a lot of money. He knows that, and he's not ungrateful, but it's clear that he covets that elusive WWE Championship run.

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