Domestic Charges Against Adam Rose Dropped

The Adam Rose saga is finally over.

Adam Rose

Does it constitute a happy ending? I'm not entirely sure, but the very public dismantling of Raymond Leppan is finally over.

TMZ is reporting that all domestic charges previously held against the man WWE audiences knew as Adam Rose have been dropped, as a result of the victim in the case (in this case his wife) filing documents to drop the case.

Leppan was charged with domestic violence and tampering with a witness at his home in Florida last month after grabbing his wife during an argument, and then stopping her from calling the authorities. Leppan's wife asked the judge in the case to show her husband some clemency, stating that he was receiving counselling from his pastor as well as getting professional help for his marital issues.

As the case was ongoing Leppan requested his release from World Wrestling Entertainment, a request that was granted. Thankfully the saga now seems to be over, and all parties can focus on moving forward in their lives.

Leppan will be taking bookings outside of WWE for the first time, going by the name Aldo Rose.

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Adam Rose
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