Drake Maverick "Shoot" Wet Himself At WWE Survivor Series 2018

That wasn't working p*ss, brother.

Drake Maverick Big Show WWE Survivor Series 2018

Remember when Drake Maverick peed his pants after being confronted by The Big Show at Survivor Series 2018? Well, it turns out that said urine was, err, 'shoot' piss.

As picked up on by Post Wrestling, Maverick himself made this revelation during an appearance on D'Von Dudley's Table Talk show.

Detailing that moment, Drake explained how he had a device in his pocket that was supposed to make it look like he'd wet himself at Survivor Series. The only problem was, said device didn't work! Left to improvise, the former Rockstar Spud decided that the only thing he could do was to wet himself for real.

"I come backstage and Road Dogg's there. He's like, 'Hey, can I talk to you? Was something wrong with that contraption, because that kind of looked like it sucked?' I went, 'Yes, it was something wrong. It didn't work and I had to wet myself.' He's like, 'Wait a minute. You shoot pissed yourself?' I'm like, 'Yes! Look!' and he's like, 'Aha! Hunter!', 'What?' 'He shoot pissed himself. Aha!' Vince!' 'What?' 'He shoot pissed himself!' 'He what? Goddamn!'"

Maverick added how usually a talent would go over to Vince McMahon and Triple H to give them a handshake after a segment or a match, but how this time he was excused from doing so as his hand was covered in urine.

Ever the company man, the Englishman explained how, while some would mock his predicament, he saw this Survivor Series blunder as an opportunity to show Vince that he'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.


For those who don't remember this moment, the 2018 Survivor Series saw Drake Maverick manage Raw Tag Team Champions AOP in their cross-brand battle against SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar. After Maverick had interfered in the match, he ended up running into The Big Show - with Drake promptly pissing his pants when the World's Largest Athlete grabbed him by the throat.

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