Drew McIntyre Is "Excited" To See This Wrestler Back In WWE

Ex-WWE Champ Drew McIntyre wants big time rematches against THIS returning star.

Johnny Gargano WWE 2022

Drew McIntyre can't wait to see what Johnny Gargano is capable of on WWE's main roster.

McIntyre appeared on the latest edition of 'The Bump' and said he fancies some rematches against Gargano on Raw, SmackDown and pay-per-view; Drew and Johnny once reigned supreme as EVOLVE Tag-Team Champions. The pair were actually the first men to hold those belts after winning a tournament back in 2016.

They'd hold the straps for 69 days before dropping them to Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams.


McIntyre remembers those days fondly, and credits Gargano for bringing the best out in him on the independent scene during subsequent one-on-one clashes. Now, in 2022, he's relishing the chance to feud with 'Johnny Wrestling' on WWE's flagship programming.

Of course, both guys are currently on different brands (Gargano on Raw and Drew on SmackDown), but that won't be the case forever. McIntyre didn't seem too bothered about WWE's erratic Draft rules during his interview. He likely knows that the company rarely follows them anyway!


Look out for Drew vs. Gargano in WWE soon. It'd be fun to see their big man/little man dynamic in a featured spot.

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