Drew McIntyre Worked WWE Crown Jewel 2022 "Extremely Sick"

The Scottish Warrior powered through at Saudi supershow.

drew mcintyre karrion kross

Drew McIntyre was working through significant sickness during his Crown Jewel match with Karrion Kross.

This was according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, who said;

"The word at...Crown Jewel PPV is that Drew McIntyre had been extremely sick with the flu over the last several days but gutted through his steel cage match with Karrion Kross despite it."

They later followed up with more information;

"McIntyre was said to be adamant that no matter what, he would make it to the ring and work and was able to do that today...Drew McIntyre worked the show hurt and actually was so ill he missed some run-throughs for his segment. There was a lot of praise for he, Karrion Kross and Scarlett for putting on as strong a match as they did given the circumstances."

Drew McIntyre defeated Karrion Kross in a steel cage match at the show, climbing out over the top after Scarlett had yet again maced 'The Scottish Warrior' attempted to lock them both within the structure. It was a rematch from their Extreme Rules clash which also concluded with the pepper spray finish.

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