Dustin Rhodes Reacts To Criticism Of AEW's Bullrope Match

The Natural has responded to Twitter backlash.

Dustin Rhodes Nick Comoroto AEW Dynamite

Following Dustin Rhodes’ victory over Nick Comoroto in a Bullrope Match on the 4 June episode of AEW Dynamite, Rhodes and AEW have received somewhat of a backlash from fans who thought Comoroto should’ve picked up the win here. And now, the Natural has taken to social media to respond to this criticism.

When asking for feedback on Twitter – always a move that’s guaranteed to end well, right? – Dustin was greeted by comments about how he should’ve lost the match and put over the younger Comoroto in a way that would help to cement the Nightmare Factory member as a dominant force.

For his part, Rhodes stated how simply being in the ring with the three-time Intercontinental Champion made Comoroto better – adding how anyone who steps between the ropes with the former Goldust becomes all the better for that experience.


Of course, there were also plenty of people voicing more positive thoughts on the outcome of Rhodes vs. Comoroto, with just as many people, if not more, proclaiming their praise for that Dynamite main event encounter.

One can feasibly see both sides of the argument here. In getting some ring time with a veteran like Dustin Rhodes, Nick Comoroto will benefit from it. But on the other hand, a victory for Comoroto would've clearly helped establish him as a force to be reckoned with.

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