EC3 Calls Out AEW's MJF For "Imitating" His Gimmick

Politics suck, right?


Impact Wrestling's EC3 appeared to call out AEW star MJF on Twitter for poaching a gimmick he used five years ago.

MJF debuted his new political character on the latest episode of Dynamite, and cut one of the best promos wrestling fans have witnessed for years. The world was listening, but so was EC3, and he couldn't help but bring up his 2015 "#EC3ForChamp" campaign.

EC3 posted a clip of his "EC3 2015" promo and added the caption, "A past worth imitating is a past worth destroying". Then, Impact Wrestling muscled in to tweet the same video and the text, "Is the #EC3ForChamp campaign part of the past @therealec3 wants to destroy?".


MJF and AEW are yet to respond. They probably won't.

In fairness to EC3, both promos are almost identical in flavour. If MJF was inspired by old Impact footage, then fair enough; pretty much nothing in pro wrestling is original anyway, and it's not like EC3's promo happened last week.


Even so, he was quick off the mark on social media. Wrestling fans seem split in the comments, with some even hilariously thinking EC3's video was new and he was ripping AEW off.

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