EC3 Shoots On WWE: "When You’re A Good Soldier, You’re First In Line To Get Shot"

Former WWE wrestler and current ROH star pulls no punches in new interview.

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"When you're doing the right things, when you're a good soldier, you're gonna be the first in line to get shot."

This is the key quote from former WWE wrestler EC3's new interview with Cageside Seats' Shakiel Mahjouri, during which the current Ring of Honor star spoke on his time with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

EC3, whose April 2020 release came at the end of a less-than-stellar main roster run, claimed that while he felt happiness in WWE, being that "good soldier" may ultimately have worked against him:-

“There was happiness and I don’t want to say purpose because that’s what I’m going for now, but there was a sense of wellbeing that I was doing the right things. But when you do the right things — this is something I often tell younger talent — when you’re doing the right things, when you’re a good soldier, you’re gonna be the first in line to get shot. So being a good soldier for that company, they had no problem shooting me. Frontlines and that’s fine, that’s okay. As a person, as a character, we all know the best wrestling characters are extensions of their real-life personality.”

Re-signing with WWE after a successful IMPACT Wrestling run in January 2018, EC3 spent under a year in developmental before being bumped up to Raw. He struggled thereafter, appearing only sparsely until he was cut last April, having long been consigned to the faceless 24/7 Title pack by the time of his release.

EC3 referred to his call-up as "hellish" in the interview, comparing it to his time elsewhere:-

“There was I guess a blind allegiance to my corporate employer at the time and there was probably feigning of happiness because I was in theory living my dream, so to speak. With Impact, getting the opportunity, becoming the world champion, becoming a mainstay and a top name there. Going to NXT... having fun, having a good run until the eventual hellish landscape callup.”

Check out Shakiel Mahjouri's full interview with EC3 below:-

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