EC3 Teases That He's Heading To AEW

Could the Top 1%'s rumoured Impact Wrestling return be off?

Many wrestling fans have presumed that EC3’s Impact Wrestling return is a nailed-on no-brainer since the charismatic grappler was released by WWE this past April. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a spanner in the works for that rumoured Impact return.

Of course, this could simply be the two-time Impact Wrestling World Champion stirring the pot, but EC3 has taken to his Facebook page to tease signing with AEW.


In recent weeks, Impact has already appealed to the heartstrings of its fan base by playing EC3’s old theme during the June 16 Impact episode.

Impact’s Slammiversary PPV is set to take place on July 18, and many pegged EC3 as making an appearance on that show. Those rumours have only gathered pace in the last week or so, largely due to Michael Elgin and Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard both being pulled from the planned five-way main event of the show.


After Tessa refused to send in promo videos to hype the PPV title match, and with her Impact contract having just days left on it at the time, Impact made the call to fire their World Champion and declare the belt vacant. As for Elgin, he’s one of the many wrestlers involved in the #SpeakingOut movement – and Impact has confirmed that Elgin will no longer be performing for the company.

All of that means that the five-way match for Blanchard’s World Championship has now become a four-way of Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Trey vs. TBA for the vacant belt. Could EC3 be that TBA, or is he instead All Elite? Only time will tell.

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