ECW Original Says He Was Supposed To Join THIS Faction

Things could've turned out so differently for this ex-ECW, WCW and WWE star.

Sandman Ecw

The Sandman has revealed that he was initially supposed to join Raven's 'Flock' when he inked a WCW deal in late-1998.

WCW renamed the ECW original 'Hardcore Hak', but didn't debut him on TV straight away. According to Sandman (during an interview with Captain's Corner on Facebook), it was Kevin Nash who made the call to scrap the 'Flock' idea and make him a focal point of the burgeoning hardcore division.

The company had aired several vignettes portraying Sandman as Raven's neighbour, but most fans had probably forgotten about those by the time he was belting Bam Bam Bigelow with baking trays on Nitro and Thunder.


Sandman was cool with the creative change, and understood that Nash was calling the shots, but he does wonder what it might've been like to be part of Raven's crew. The 'Flock' concept was dying out by '99, but it had been one of the best gimmicks on WCW's midcard in 1998.

The beer-drinking, Singapore cane-wielding favourite knew that, and he was intrigued to find out how WCW fans would react if he was immediately programmed alongside his old ECW rival.


It didn't happen in the end.

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