Eddie Kingston "Quits" AEW After Dynamite

Eddie Kingston claims he is DONE with AEW after explosive Dynamite appearance.

Eddie Kingston

AEW ran a short angle in which Eddie Kingston "quit" the promotion after last night's episode of Dynamite, doing so with a quickfire video uploaded to the company's social media platforms.

Kingston and friend-turned-rival Ortiz were participants in Dynamite's Face of the Revolution ladder match, though they weren't involved for long. Going after each other from the first bell, Ortiz and Kingston effectively neutralised themselves by brawling up the ramp and to the bank, with the announcers explaining it took more than 10 AEW officials to separate them.


Interviewer Lexy Nair caught up with Kingston after the show. When asked what was going on with him, Eddie, who had already packed his bags, said "I quit AEW", and then walked out the nearest door.

Conversing with Sactown Sports 1140 earlier in the week, Kingston intimated there were difficulties between himself and the AEW office, saying he might not make it to next week's Dynamite in Sacramento, California (h/t Wrestling Inc.):-

“I may not be at Sacramento though, it all depends on how certain things go in the locker room with the office. Especially with my match that’s coming up on Wednesday, not really happy about it. Yeah, so we have to have a talk, me and I’m not going to say who’s the office, everybody knows about Tony [Khan] but there are others. We all got to get together and talk. I want to go everywhere but I also, yanno, I got to be a businessman and put my foot down at some point. In a calm manner, that’s what I’m still trying to learn, a professional manner.”

Kingston, who remains contracted to AEW, was heavily featured in last week's ROH television tapings. The first episode from those sessions airs on Honor Club tonight.

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