Eddie Kingston Doesn't Give A F***

Eddie Kingston wishes CM Punk's AEW run had panned out differently, BUT...

Eddie Kingston CM Punk
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Eddie Kingston "doesn't give a f***" to wish CM Punk good or bad following the Chicagoan's controversial AEW exit, though he wishes the situation had worked out differently.

Interviewed by Adrian Hernandez, Eddie, who faced Punk at Full Gear 2021, was asked about a promo he'd cut before that pay-per-view, in which he claimed nobody in the AEW locker room wanted the 45-year-old around. Kingston claimed he didn't mind people bringing his words up following Punk's AEW release because he was "doing his job" opposite Punk, with whom he shares a mutual dislike.

Said Kingston (h/t Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online):

"No, I'm doing my job. That's how I felt. I didn't know what anyone else in the locker room felt. I didn't care, is how I felt. I didn't want him there. Me and Punk don't like each other. And that's fine. You're not going to like everybody you work with."

Continuing, Kingston said he wished Punk was still with AEW, as he helped the promotion, but he ultimately doesn't care what 'The Voice of the Voiceless' does next:

"Do I wish he was still in AEW and I wish it worked out differently? Yeah, because he helped the company. But other than that, I don't give a f*ck what he does, you know what I mean? Because me and him never got along anyway. We don't have to be best friends to fight each other -- it makes it better when we're not best friends. I don't wish him bad, but I don't wish him good either, because I don't give a f*ck."

Punk remains a free agent after AEW fired him with cause in early September, doing so in the wake of his reported backstage fight with Jack Perry at All In the week prior.


WWE has reportedly rebuffed Punk's advances since then. IMPACT Wrestling is the latest player to be linked with the firebrand star.

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