Edge "Can't Wait" To Work With This WWE SmackDown Star

The 'Rated-R Superstar' Edge believes this WWE SmackDown mega match must happen.

Sami Zayn

Edge already has eyes on future opponents.

The 'Rated-R Superstar' told Sports Illustrated (scroll down the linked page) that he "can't wait" to wrestle Sami Zayn at some point soon - Edge pitched a Canadian vs. Canadian story, and said he'd "love" to work the first match in Toronto. He then revealed that keeping the feud "real simple" would be for the best.

Zayn's mic skills got a love during the interview too. Edge said that the "element of truth" to Sami's words make his promos even better, and that's (partly) why fans find his delusional conspiracy theorist gimmick so easy to boo. They're in on the gag, basically, but have a blast playing along.


That's something Edge "really digs".

There's no doubt that both men could work some magic together. The pair are also spinning their wheels a little on SmackDown, or will be soon. Edge's rivalry with Seth Rollins should wrap up at Extreme Rules on 26 September, and Sami hasn't really had much going on since his own program with Kevin Owens ended earlier this year.


Edge did most of the heavy lifting for WWE's creative team here. Let's hope they were listening.

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