Edge Just Teased This HUGE WWE Comeback

Could this retired wrestler be the next member of WWE's Judgment Day stable?

Paige WWE

Edge just teased that former WWE star Paige could be set to make a major comeback soon.

The Judgment Day leader posted a picture of the Brit on Twitter - knowing exactly what he was doing, the 'Rated-R Superstar' neglected to accompany that pic with any text. He wanted fans to start chatting about the chances of Paige launching a comeback and joining his stable on WWE TV.

Don't rule that out.


Joining in on the fun, Paige responded to Edge's tweet with a .GIF of herself cupping an ear and listening to the audience. Was the former Divas Champion gauging fan reaction to the tease, or was she suggesting that she'd be all ears and happy to listen to anything Edge had to say?

Only time will tell on that one. For now, just know that Edge is teasing a WWE Raw comeback for Paige. He previously posted a pic of Ciampa on his socials too, and there's still scuttlebutt amongst fans that the ex-NXT man will join Judgment Day at some point.


Ciampa and (more shockingly) Paige would round out the new faction nicely.

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