Edge Pitched That THIS Released WWE Star Host Raw Underground

Edge had someone specific in mind for WWE's scrapped fighting ring angle.

Top Dolla

Edge once pitched that former Hit Row man Top Dolla' host the abolished Raw Underground segments.

AJ FrancIs/Top Dolla' told Fightful Select that he was "under consideration" for the hosting gig - Edge was helping out with WWE creative when the concept first aired in the summer of 2020. The 'Rated-R Superstar' phoned Francis and asked if he'd be interested in shooting some tryout promos for the role.

Dolla' was out on the road filming WWE's Most Wanted Treasures show for A&E though, so he couldn't get content to Edge in time. The company quickly turned to Shane McMahon and installed the 'Boy Wonder' as Underground's hype man instead.


AJ didn't make it up to WWE's main roster until Hit Row's brief run on SmackDown last year. He and his cohorts were then released over the span of a few weeks in November 2021.

Things could've been very different for Dolla' had he been able to send Edge those promos. He was already hosting Most Wanted Treasures, and Edge thought he'd be perfect for the gritty vibe WWE craved. It just wasn't meant to be in the end.

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