Edge Shows Off 'Rated-R' Title Belt Design That WWE Rejected

“I got home and drew up this beautiful championship belt. This thing was badass!"

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The latest episode of WWE Untold on the Network is a doozy.

Both Edge and John Cena explore their rivalry from 2006 in-depth, and it's well-worth checking out. It's Edge who steals the entire show though by going into details about something he pitched almost 15 years ago that WWE rejected.

Above is a concept drawing that the Canadian star whipped up when WWE told him that he'd be beating Cena for the WWE Title and getting his own 'Rated-R' belt. Excited, Edge came up with his own idea and was crushed to learn that Vince McMahon only planned on plastering his logo on the pre-existing 'spinner' title that Cena was carrying around already.



Edge didn't mince his words when he said he hated the 'spinner' title. In WWE's teaser for Untold, he said that the belt "is the one championship that needs to look like a championship and not somebody’s hub caps".


WWE didn't care - they'd already committed to the 'spinner' and thought it looked great. Edge disagreed, thinking it was fine for Cena but would look stupid over anyone else's shoulder.

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