Entourage Cast Will Guest Star On WWE Raw May 25

Four stars from Entourage will guest star on Raw next week.

One of the biggest movies of the summer is The Entourage, a feature length film based on the popular HBO TV show. The film is released on June 5th, and in conjunction WWE is going to welcome the stars of the movie to Raw on May 25 in Long Island, New York. In a press release sent out by WWE, it noted that Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara will be on Raw that night. A few years ago when WWE had celebrities on every week they used to call them guest hosts, but they have made sure to call them guest stars now, which is the correct term. There's no word on what they might do at the event, but chances are there will be some WWE style comedy moments with the four guys. Maybe they will have some sort of confrontation with WWE's top stable now, which is The Authority, because it could lead to a funny moment with the stables going face to face in an in ring or backstage segment. What's interesting is that a former Entourage star Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari on the show as well as the movie, isn't listed to appear on Raw. A lot of WWE fans remember that Piven was a guest host of Raw in August 2009 before SummerSlam. He famously botched a line because he said "The Summerfest" instead of SummerSlam when he was out there trying to tell The Miz that he would be banned from the event. The name stuck and people make jokes about it still to this day. Piven ended up on a football game date with former diva Kelly Kelly soon after and they were photographed outside his hotel the next day. Congrats to Piven on a memorable experience. Jerry Ferrara, who stars as Turtle in the film, is a lifelong wrestling fan that is excited about the opportunity. He tweeted about his excitement. https://twitter.com/jerrycferrara/status/600378665243844608 No word on if they are willing to do anything physical, but if they are then it would be a more memorable appearance that's for sure. Series 1-8 of Entourage is now exclusively available in the UK through Sky Box Sets. Sky Box Sets offers subscribers the chance to watch their favourite TV shows on demand through both their home Sky+TV Box and Sky Go app. With over 300 box sets to choose from it is the biggest UK on demand services, giving users access to some of the most action packed, breath taking, and popular TV shows from recent years including Prison Break, Nashville, and 24.

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