Enzo Released By WWE Amid Rape Accusation

Decision comes hours after initial suspension.

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Enzo Amore has been released by WWE after being accused of rape.

The announcement comes 24 hours after a Twitter user posted a detailed account of an encounter with the 31-year-old last year. In it, she alleges that he forced himself on her after she was invited to a hotel in October.

In response, WWE promptly issued a statement affirming its commitment to a "zero tolerance" policy on matters of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Enzo was accordingly suspended from action for an indefinite period pending a resolution to the allegation.

However, the company has since posted a further news bulletin announcing that the former Cruiserweight Champion's employment has now been terminated outright, bringing an abrupt end to his five-year stint on its payroll. The statement included therein makes no reference to the reasoning for his dismissal.

Enzo has yet to make any formal response to the accusation, which also implicates designer Tyler Grosso and a woman named Layla Shapiro as so-called "accomplices". They are both accused of "letting" the ex-WWE star rape her after initially being present in the hotel room.

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