Eric Bischoff Appears On AEW Dynamite

'Easy E' was back on TNT for the first time in 20 years.


Eric Bischoff was the special guest moderator for last night's special Super Wednesday debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite.

It was the first time the former WCW executive had appeared on the TNT network since his old promotion was bought out by WWE, and the announcers played this up. Bischoff sat on the stage, presenting five questions for Jericho and Cassidy to go back-and-forth over, and left just before things got physical after declaring Cassidy the debate's winner.

'Freshly Squeezed' was silent for the first few questions but came to life with a surprisingly in-depth answer to one on global warming. He then cut an uncharacteristically scathing promo on Jericho to close, pointing out how embarrassing it would be for him to lose to the "guy who puts his hands in his pockets." Bischoff declared OC the winner, Jericho lost his mind, and he and Jake Hager beat Cassidy up until Best Friends arrived and cleared the ring.


Anyone who read last week's spoilers would have known Bischoff was the mystery man, so it'll be interesting to see how this impacts the viewership, if at all.

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