Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A "Whiny Bitch"

'I told him I'd take the high road, but he continues to rehash negative nonsense'.


Eric Bischoff refused to pull any punches during the most recent episode of his fun '83 Weeks' podcast.

Midway through recapping WCW's Halloween Havoc 1993 pay-per-view (and the circumstances surrounding it), cohost Conrad Thompson brought up comments from Bret Hart about WCW's drug testing policy. Back in '93, Bret appeared on JR's radio show and criticised the competition's system.

Bischoff said that this was "typical of Bret Hart then and now". He then went on to point out that it was the WWF, not WCW, who had a federal investigation going on in 1993 - Eric thinks it's pretty rich that anyone from that organisation was slinging sh*t WCW's way.


Eric did also say that Bret struggles to hold a conversation if he doesn't have someone to "bury, criticise or blame". That's when Bisch described Hart as a "whiny bitch" and revealed that he told the 'Hitman' recently during a mutual appearance that he'd like to "take the high road" from now on.

That, to Eric, is difficult when Bret "continues to just rehash all his negative nonsense" against him and others like "Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Vince McMahon and Bill Goldberg".

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