Eric Bischoff Comes To The UK For First Ever Q&A Tour

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For three nights in August, under the WhatCulture banner, Eric Bischoff will be traveling the UK and interacting with fans, answering the questions you most want answered about his experiences in the wrestling business.

Hosted by Kenny McIntosh, you can learn the full story of how Nitro was born, the formation of the New World Order, his dealings with Hulk Hogan, signing the Ultimate Warrior, his role in bringing Bret Hart to WCW, how his shock signing with WWE came about, and his involvement with TNA. Nothing is off limits, as Bischoff lifts the lid on his fascinating career.

If you want to be part of this historic series of evenings, visit for tickets. The events will be held in each of the following locations:

August 24th – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle - 5.30pm August 26th – Ruby Lounge, Manchester - 8.00pm August 27th – Walkabout Temple, London - 1.30pm

A very limited number of VIP packages are available at each venue, which include a photo and autograph opportunity.

Eric will also be making a special guest appearance during the August 24th WCPW show at the O2 Academy in Newcastle.


Tickets are and further details are available here.

Few men in history can say they have fought Vince McMahon directly and won. The United States government tried and failed, numerous wrestlers have attempted to take the WWE supremo to task and come up short, and countless start-up promotions have tried to go head-to-head with McMahon and lost spectacularly. The exception to the rule is Eric Bischoff, the former Executive Vice President of Ted Turner-owned World Championship Wrestling.


Bischoff was instrumental in hiring huge names such as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to WCW contracts in an attempt to help the struggling company rival the might of the then-WWF. It worked, with pay-per-view buyrates and ratings up across the board. But Bischoff wanted more. He was not content with simply being a strong number two, he wanted WCW to be number one. In a stroke of genius that most derided as lunacy at the time, Bischoff asked Turner for a television slot on his TNT station directly opposite the WWF’s Monday Night Raw.

It seemed suicidal, but Bischoff was confident that a unique mix of live wrestling (the WWF’s show was taped), exciting new talent from around the world, and the star power he had on his cards, would be enough to combat Vince’s monopoly. He was absolutely right. The new show, Nitro, was a roaring success, hitting numbers few could have imagined in the early weeks, and before long the broadcast was destroying the WWF on a weekly basis.

Nitro began an unprecedented 83-week winning streak against Raw, helped in large part by another Bischoff masterstroke: the New World Order. Taking inspiration from an angle he had seen in Japan, Bischoff hired two of the WWF’s biggest stars, Kevin ‘Diesel’ Nash and Scott ‘Razor Ramon’ Hall from under McMahon’s nose and debuted them as invaders taking over the show. Fans bought into the storyline and numbers grew. When Hulk Hogan – convinced by Bischoff to turn heel for the first time since the birth of Hulkamania – was added to the mix, WCW’s popularity exploded.

Bischoff was influential in changing not only WCW’s fortunes, but the entire business. He innovated putting big matches on free television, running live weekly events, and making bold tactical moves that ultimately forced the WWF and Vince McMahon to change their entire ethos. He remains one of the most important figures in the recent history of professional wrestling, and now, for the first time, he is coming to the United Kingdom this August to tell his story.

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