Eric Bischoff Lifts Lid On Current Relationship With AEW's Tony Khan

AEW boss Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff's friendship took a hit, but what's going on now?

Eric Bischoff AEW

Eric Bischoff is currently waiting for AEW boss Tony Khan to return his call.

The former WCW chief and WWE star had some salty back-and-forth exchanges with Khan recently in the media - both disagreed on several topics, including Ted Turner's wrestling fandom and the validity of claims that AEW toppled WWE in the ratings.

Bischoff told CBS Sports that he "doesn't carry grudges", and that he certainly doesn't harbour any ill will towards Tony. An unnamed mutual friend suggested that Eric give Khan a call to clear the air, but the AEW leader didn't answer.


He hasn't phoned back either.

Bischoff left a voice message, and believes that Tony might be "a little p*ssed off". He's cool with that though, because Eric thinks it's only a matter of time before things blow over. There's "mutual respect" between both guys professionally, and Bischoff says that different opinions shouldn't change that long-term.


He's more than willing to put recent grumbles to bed and move on. However, it remains to be seen if Khan feels the same way. Stay tuned for more on this story when it breaks.

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