Eric Bischoff On CM Punk: "The Biggest Financial Flop In Wrestling History"

Bischoff had a thing or two to say about Punk's AEW Collision return...

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff thinks CM Punk is "the biggest financial flop in wrestling history."

Speaking during the latest edition of the "Strictly Business" podcast, the former WCW Senior Vice President definitely didn't hold back when analysing the AEW star's most recent comeback to the business.

On top of claiming the 'Best in the World' was "not a star", Bischoff would go on to say that Punk has set himself up for "a dramatic failure" after the way he left AEW last year and just generally not delivering during his first stint with the company, in the former Raw General Manager's mind.


According to Bischoff, Punk's "rabid" fan base has now "diminished substantially", too, and he even believes Tony Khan should keep from bringing the former AEW World Champion to the UK for the upcoming All In show. The incoming PPV already moved 65,000 tickets before the official announcement of Punk's return, and Bischoff thinks Khan should make a point out of proving he doesn't need Punk to sell 70,000 tickets for Wembley (via WrestlingNews.Co):-

"Remember when I told you, and I think I told you on this show, if I was Tony Khan , I would not bring Punk to the UK. I would establish the fact that I could sell 70,000 tickets without him. They sold 65,000 tickets, and then they announced him, and how many additional tickets have they sold? 700? Like a percent, whatever it is, it's incremental at best..."

All of this led to Bischoff eventually turning his attention to how AEW are currently struggling to sell out their new Collision shows, with Punk's comeback also not making much of an impact on sales.


Refusing to let up when taking aim at the 'Chick Magnet', Bischoff then reminded folks that he'd been calling Punk overrated and saying "he was gonna be the biggest financial flop in wrestling history" for a while, and took a lot of "heat" for said claims.

But on the back of recent developments, Bisch feels he's "being proven right every minute of the day."


With Collision set to land on TNT in a week's time, will Punk's on-screen return lead to a surge in ticket sales? All will be revealed in the coming weeks...


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