Eric Bischoff Says He Wants To Return To WWE In Specific Role

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When asked if he'd like to make a return to WWE, Eric Bischoff said, "I'd love to do it if it was a situation that would work for everybody." What he meant by that was, while he'd consider a return in a familiar role, his preference would be to come back as a manager.

Bischoff was a guest on Sky Sports' Lock Up podcast to discuss a variety of topics. He discussed his own 83 Weeks podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson, his tenure as President of WCW and his role in WWE as General Manager of Raw. He was then asked if he'd like to come back to WWE, to which he said yes but added he's not interested in coming back just to do the same thing he'd done in the past. He feels the WWE Universe has seen it before, and the idea of him as general manager would get old fairly quickly.

"I think my opinion, you know, a character like mine [as] a General Manager, there's only so much you can do from a storytelling point of view," he said. But a different role could be exciting. He specifically would like to mentor someone who could benefit from his ability to work a microphone and get heat from the WWE fans. The perfect scenario would be a "young talent that doesn't quite have the mic skills or seasoning."


With how popular Bischoff's new podcast has become, it won't be long before WWE considers working with him again on a more regular basis. That could be adding his 83 Weeks podcast to WWE Network, but if they listened to this interview, at least now they know he'd be open to a recurring role as a manager as well.

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