Eric Bischoff Says NXT Is Worse Than Peak TNA

Bischoff cites business metrics when trumping TNA's superiort.

WWE/Impact Wrestling

When asked on a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast whether or not he thinks today's NXT product is everything that TNA should have been, Eric Bischoff answered that he doesn't believe "NXT is as good as TNA was when TNA was at its peak."

The former WCW man believes this "peak" period to be when the Aces and Eights storyline was in full flow, so between 2012 and 2013. He uses television ratings, pay-per-view buys, and house show attendances to reach this conclusion, noting that the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan offshoot story drew huge interest at the time, with TNA pulling houses of up to 5,000 on occasion.

"I don't know that NXT is doing anything better than TNA when it was at its peak," Bischoff said. "If I were a betting man, I'd bet that there are a lot more resources being pumped into NXT than there ever were being pumped into TNA."


Bischoff worked for TNA during the period he refers to, joining the promotion alongside Hulk Hogan in January 2010, working as an executive producer until his contract expired in early 2014.

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