Eric Bischoff Says THIS Ex-TNA Star Was "Ahead Of Her Time"

WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff gave this former TNA Knockout major praise.


Eric Bischoff has called former TNA/IMPACT Wrestling alumni ODB "ahead of her time".

The Bisch, speaking via his '83 Weeks' podcast, also said he found ODB "relatable", "sexy" and "cool" when he was actively involved in TNA's product between 2010-2014. What's more, Eric believes the character "still has a lot to offer" either WWE or AEW today, and he'd love to see her get a gig.

Former WCW boss Bischoff was even more impressed by ODB's conduct behind the scenes. "She didn't play the politics" backstage, and was "a real pro" to work with regardless of her spot on each show. That caught Eric's eye, because he'd grown accustomed to ego in the biz and knew some talents could be hard-headed.


ODB was a breath of fresh air then.

He described the character she played as "very real", and said it stood out because women had been largely typecast in the WWE Diva mould. ODB was different to everybody else, including TNA colleagues like The Beautiful People (who were all about sex appeal).


Bischoff really liked that, and he'd also like to see ODB get another chance in 2023.


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