Eric Bischoff Says WWE Storylines "Suck"

SmackDown's former 'Executive Producer' pulls no punches...

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Former WCW chief and short-lived WWE SmackDown 'Executive Producer' Eric Bischoff has gone on record to say that WWE storylines suck.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Bischoff praised the company for their ThunderDome production and said it's no surprise they've topped the likes of the NBA there. Then, he turned his attention to the group's actual storytelling prowess and refused to pull any punches.

After giving WWE props for their presentation, Eric said "basic fundamental storytelling" is a real problem in the organisation. He didn't want to single anyone out personally (Bischoff still has great friends who work for the company), but thinks WWE's "architecture", "approach" and "discipline" when it comes to weaving a compelling narrative needs serious work.


Bischoff believes the way WWE structure their stories hurts their chances from the off. That wasn't the last thing he had to say on the subject before moving on.

He closed with some more damning words:


"Until somebody comes along and takes an honest look at storytelling, the structure of storytelling and the formulas that are used, it’s going to be hit or miss forever".

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