Eric Bischoff Shoots HARD On WWE's T-Bar For "Fiery Wreckage" Comments

This is the new 'Monday Night Wars'.

Former WWE Executive Director Eric Bischoff and Retribution member T-Bar have been having quite the war of words as of late.

After Bisch said he thinks the Retribution angle "sucks" on his '83 Weeks' podcast, T-Bar fired back with a scathing tweet that said his group "aspires to one day destroy a billion dollar wrestling company and bury it under fiery wreckage".

Now, Eric has replied to that WCW diss with a blast of his own on the latest episode of his pod.


When co-host Conrad Thompson asked for a rebuttal, Bischoff went on the attack.

"What is a T-Bar? Who gives a f*ck? What's he been in the business - a minute and a half? Is his coffee still hot? C’mon, give me a break. If we’re gonna' talk about it, T-Bar, I feel for you".

Eric followed that up by saying he thinks T-Bar does have potential beyond his current gimmick, and that he can't be blamed for the Retribution storyline. Then, he repeated his belief that the angle is still a "f*cked up story".


Bischoff also refused to blame good pal Bruce Prichard (who is WWE's current Executive Director) for the angle, but asked, "Could you possibly screw up an invasion storyline anymore in such a short period of time?".

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