Eric Young And Bobby Roode Reportedly Owed Huge Money By TNA

A combined $100,000 owed is a good reason to leave a company.

bobby roode eric young

When news first broke that Eric Young and Bobby Roode had both left TNA, it was a little shocking to say the least. Despite the constant 'TNA is about to die' rumours that follow the company like a bad smell, Young and Roode were two of the most loyal wrestlers on the roster. They came into the company together, both won everything there was to win and were still an integral of the top tier of the company.

But leave they did, and booking agent David Herro's appearance on The Pro Wrestling Report may just give an indication as to why. Appearing along with Dameon Nelson, Herro claims that the two Ontario natives were owed a combined six figure sum by TNA, which led to them deciding enough was enough and cutting ties with Impact Wrestling.

Rumours that TNA has had troubles paying the wrestlers under their employment aren't new. Not a month seems to pass without many questioning the long term future of the company, and the talent departure of the last few months is a clear sign that all isn't rosy in Dixieland. This is the first instance of talent seemingly leaving as a direct result of the money issues. One can only assume this story is just starting to seep out into the public.


A combined $100,00? Yikes.

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