Erick Rowan Reveals The Original Plan For WWE's Spider Angle

Did Paul Heyman ignore Rowan's emails?

Former WWE star Erick Rowan, who now goes by the name Erick Redbeard, told Sportskeeda what the original plan for his crummy spider angle on Raw was.

Rowan revealed that he sent several emails to then-Executive Director Paul Heyman with pitches of his own. One of them almost happened, and he believes it would've been one million times better than Drew McIntyre smashing up a big fake spider.

Erick wanted to mimic American Horror Story by carrying around a "little woman" whom he'd befriend and protect from "the atrocities of the outside world". This, Rowan says, would've helped to show a different side to his character and might've made him less one-dimensional.


WWE and Heyman apparently disliked the idea, because they never really followed up on early conversation about Rowan's (literally) little friend.

When Rowan arrived at the building for Raw on 9 March and heard that he'd have a pet spider, he again tried to lobby something else. This time, Erick asked if the cage could contain the "worst fears" of anyone who looked inside it.


WWE didn't like that any more than the "little woman".

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