Erick Rowan Says Signing With AEW Would Be Awesome

Could the Bludgeon Brothers be set to reunite in AEW?

Former WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Erick Rowan has expressed his desire to sign with AEW during an appearance on the Lewis Nicholls Show earlier this week.

Rowan was one of the more unexpected superstars who were released in April as WWE attempted to cut costs in the wake of the current global situation.

Rowan, who is now going by the ring name Erick Redbeard. was asked whether he would be interested in reuniting with former tag team partner Luke Harper, now Brodie Lee, in AEW. Erick responded that while he thinks the pair need time to continue to develop individually, he would like to work with his former teammate again in the future.


The former Bludgeon Brother also noted that while he is currently subject to a 90-day no-compete clause, he would love the opportunity to showcase his talents in AEW.

"But as far as something like [AEW], yes, that would be awesome to be able to show your talents on a national level because they do have a contract through TNT, and they get great exposure. They have a lot of really good guys that work there that know they're doing, and they're giving kids chances.

Erick also discussed some of the details surrounding his release, noting that while didn't entirely anticipate being let go, WWE did inform talent that releases were going to have to take place prior to the news being unveiled.

"The thing about all this is we did get a message, like we have an app that we had, and it had a message from Vince, It kind of explained that there's gonna be some lay-offs. There's gonna be some furloughs. How the whole economy is churning, they basically have to let people go, and when I heard that, I was like, 'well, I'm under contract, so I can't be furloughed. So if they're gonna let me go, they're gonna let me go."

The full interview is available here:

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