Eva Marie Return Vignette Airs On WWE Raw

6 months after re-signing with WWE, Eva Marie is finally coming back to Raw.

Eva Marie

A vignette hyping Eva Marie's imminent WWE return aired on last night's episode of Raw.

It was a simple, straightforward affair, with Eva addressing the audience in a well-produced promo, appearing on WWE screens for the first time since 2016.

While there's currently no word on what, exactly, her role will be upon returning properly, Eva Marie's words suggested she might be serving as a manager. The promo saw her say she wanted to "influence others to go after their own ambitions" at the start of this new "Eva-Lution".


Also, in an important hair update, Eva's trademark red locks are gone, replaced by hot pink dye. Can we even call her All Red Everything anymore? Is nothing sacred these days?

October 2020 brought reports that Eva Marie had re-signed with WWE, having originally been let go by the promotion in 2017. A follow-up report in December stated that she was training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, waiting to be assigned a brand before returning to our screens, which finally happened last night. It'll be interesting to see how she fits into today's WWE.


Check out the full Eva Marie video below.

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