Every AEW Wrestler Ranked From Worst To Best - After One Year

Separating the Michael Nakazawas from the Chris Jerichos.

AEW roster ranked

Double Or Nothing 2020 marked a full calendar year of All Elite Wrestling running shows. Blighted by a spotty, lukewarm build and injuries to Britt Baker, Rey Fenix, and Matt Jackson just three days earlier, it could have been a mess. Instead, it was one of the Empty Arena Era's better shows and a pay-per-view worthy of the DoN brand after the lofty expectations set by last year's event.

Using objective metrics, year one has been a broad success, with Dynamite never dropping beneath TNT's 500,000-a-week expectations and regularly outdrawing WWE NXT, while PPV buyrates keep defying projections. Subjective success is harder to determine. AEW has scratches several itches for fans who'd been yearning for a WWE alternative for two decades but has failed to deliver a consistent women's division, struggled with debuts, and sent the internet spinning with The Dark Order. There's much to be done before they legitimately "change the world."

But what about the wrestlers themselves?

With one year down, let's take a look at how the men and women of AEW have fared so far, with a (present or past) roster listing the only qualifying criteria. That means no part-timers like Jeff Cobb or Aja Kong.

Let's dive in...


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