Every Bullet Club Member Past & Present: Ranked From Worst To Best

For every Kenny Omega or AJ Styles, there's a Cody Hall or BONE SOLDIER...

Bullet Club Collage 2

Much has happened since the last time we ran through Bullet Club's vast pool of alumni.

Kenny Omega, Cody, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page are out; Robbie Eagles, Gedo, Jado, Jay White, Taiji Ishimori, and Hikuleo are in. A full-blown leadership struggle saw self-styled O.G. Tama Tonga oust the Elite and rebuild Biz Cliz as something closer to Prince Devitt's old image this past summer, with 'Switchblade' as the leader. Omega became the first BC member to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship by ending Kazuchikda Okada's legendary reign in June 2018. Arrow star Stephen Amell, of all people, has moonlighted with the group, whose popularity has continued to surge, though 'tranquilo' has replaced 'too sweet' as New Japan's coolest movement.

Such upheaval necessitates a rethink of our rankings, so with consideration given to performance skills, tenure, accomplishments, fit, and the wrestler's contributions to Bullet Club's legacy, let's run them down.

Only full-time wrestlers were considered, so there's no place for 'Bullet Babe' Amber Gallows or Brandi Rhodes (despite how well she compliments Cody's act). Amell, King Haku, Jeff bloody Jarrett, and hordes of others are also ineligible as part-timers and guest stars...


Bullet Club Collage 2

Career jobber Captain New Japan shocked the world by turning on Hunter Club partner Yoshitatsu to join the villainous stable in June 2016. Rechristened BONE SOLDIER, he snatched an outdated BC tee from the merch booth, threw on some cargo trousers, and grabbed a crap skeleton mask from his local costume shop, embarking on a run so catastrophic Kenny Omega once branded him an "intergalactic disaster."

Boner's Bullet Club run lasted just six months, throughout which he jobbed regularly. As useless as he was, the stable's foremost Banter Wrestler brought a perverse sense of enjoyment missing from the group since he departed in January 2017.

Seriously, man. That gear...


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