EVERY Confirmed Wrestler On The Brand New AEW Roster

The Elite Many...


Huge respect to All Elite Wrestling for doing such a smashing job with their brand new website, not least because of how challenging life was in the content creation game either side of the fabulous ALL IN and Double Or Nothing launch events that have already come to define AEW as the viable alternative to the biggest wrestling organisation in the world.

A slick destination for the group that immediately looks and feels as legitimate as the Las Vegas supershow and the TNT TV deal, the site has taken steps to familiarise new fans with some of the brand new faces and heels they can expect to see as the company attempts to rapidly establish itself as the new standard for top drawer pro wrestling.

The roster page - like show results, high quality images and loads and loads and loads of linking up with the five thousand associated YouTube accounts - will help hugely in turning passing trade into an addicted punter base.

In a move in keeping with AEW's position as the babyface promotion of the day, the entire staff feature on the "Roster" page, and will thus be included below. They're taking on WWE and are all in it together, it would seem...


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