Every Major Weekly Wrestling Show Ranked From Worst To Best

Raw, SmackDown, Dynamite, Powerrr... and everything in between.

Wrestling show logos

Professional wrestling organisations produce an absurd volume of content in 2019.

Nobody can keep up with everything. Nobody. Even if you dedicated every spare minute to consuming all that escapes WWE, AEW, NJPW, AAA, and CMLL, you'd never have time to do anything else - and that's only when taking the world's five biggest promotions into account. Cherry-picking is therefore a way of life.

Oversaturation is an issue, though it'd be daft to complain about having so much great wrestling available at the tap of a mouse or television remote. Every taste is catered for in 2019. Sure, viewerships aren't what they used to be and another boom period may never be forthcoming, but any creative itch can be scratched by consuming one (or more) of the weeklies within.

Note that "major" isn't necessarily a strict term here. Not every weekly wrestling product is covered, so the word is deployed primarily as an eliminator, with apologies to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Women Of Wrestling, and others.

Subjectivity should also be stressed here. Your own rankings may be very, very different, so please head to the comments section and let us know how you feel.

Now, to begin at the bottom...


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