Every Major Wrestling Title Ranked From Ugliest To Most Beautiful

From fool's gold to 24k.

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Some notes on the criteria follow:

The IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship should be a major title, but, if it's even possible, New Japan Pro Wrestling has even less regard for its doubles division than WWE. And for all the division's faults, the tag teams in WWE perform, often excellently, in defiance of their booking. The effort behind and quality output of NJPW tag matches is severely lacking in 2019.

The NXT UK Championship is a stunning bit of hardware, but provided the brand doesn't produce another TakeOver event in 2019, people will not care about it for 363 days of the year. It cannot be objectively classed as a major title, otherwise it could well top this list: the localised aesthetic is as authentic as it is stunning.

Nor can the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, the design of which does look fairly sleek, if a bit like an outline of a fox's head. Promoted - with some gall, in hindsight - as a progressive achievement, it devolved into a comedy title, and then anybody's title, in swift order. The revised Cruiserweight Title might yet develop prestige, under the auspices of Triple H's NXT, but at present, it's still tied to a chronic lack of heat, relevance and stature. CMLL's total title inflation, and Mexico's diminished standing on the global stage in general, explain those absences.

Sometimes, major = fugly...


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