Every Star Of The Last WCW Nitro: Where Are They Now?

G Double O Double N Double E, GONE - but never forgotten.


The real star of the last WCW Monday Nitro, Vince McMahon, did as most men nearing 70 do, and retired, leaving behind a pristine legacy as wrestling's most successful ever promoter. Nah did he f*ck: he sullied that rep by mutating the product into something as meaningless as it is incomprehensible.

Son Shane also retired from in-ring duties. He actually did, but then returned, and dominated, just as WWE recruited its greatest ever talent roster.

With the debut of AEW Dynamite looming, now is as good a time as any to take a look at what became of the stars of the last wrestling show broadcast on a major cable network. The very name of the show is indebted to Nitro, and Kenny Omega's hope is that the joshi talent is able to emulate that awesome, alien appeal the Cruiserweights brought to WCW. The ropes are cable. The lights are the right colour, and not a primary nightmare. Tony Schiavone is back! WCW-sorry, AEW is here, sports fans!

In 20 years' time, who knows? Perhaps AEW will broadcast live, free of charge, in the United Kingdom!


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