Every Wrestler At AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 - Where Are They Now?

How have the participants at AEW's first ever show fared in the year since?


This Saturday, All Elite Wrestling puts on Double or Nothing and, whilst it may not be the show we expected to see just a few months ago, it's still shaping up to be quite the night of wrestling.

Rewind just 364 days from Saturday and AEW were about to put on their first ever pay-per-view - the original Double or Nothing - and, my god, what a year it's been since then.

We've seen surprise debuts, incredible angles, disappointing feuds, and countless amazing matches since the first bell rang for AEW. Promises have been broken, expectations have been met and surpassed, and the one-time t-shirt company is now a major player in the world of pro wrestling.

Looking back at the now-legendary Double or Nothing 2019 with 2020 vision is a curious thing.

Many of the performers on that first show have become pillars of the company and many have gone onto win titles and main event pay-per-views. Others, however, took wildly different paths than what was expected of them, whilst a few aren't even with the company anymore.

Let's cast our smarky eyes back one year to see how every competitor on the main card of Double or Nothing I is doing these days.


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