Every Wrestler Signed By Wrestling Promotions In 2019

... and where they've went.


Whisper it quietly: this year might just be the most exciting we've seen in the wrestling business for some time.

Of course, we hear such bluster at the aperture of each annum, but this time there's reason to believe it. The foundation of All Elite Wrestling - and more specifically, its position in the bottomless pockets of Shahid Khan - means that for the first time in almost two decades, WWE might - might - just have an actual, realistic competitor.

We're just under a month since the official confirmation of AEW's founding, and already we've seen a dramatic shift in the business. Talent has been swept up left, right and centre, with every promotion desperate to take what's on offer before it's all snapped up. Not only that, but for the first time in yonks, WWE's incarcerated-yet-comfortable contractors now have an alternative outlet for their creative frustrations.

In other words, we have another wrestling war on the horizon. And it's never been so much fun.

Keep checking back as we track who's on the move, and where their headed, as this great new dawn of professional wrestling breaks.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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