Every WWE Championship And The Match That Defined It

Battles Of The Titans.


What type of match defines an era? Defines a wrestler? Defines a feud? It's almost certain to be the one that defines a Championship for better or worse, so integral as they are to the very fabric of the industry even operating at its lowest capacity.

The old gag about folk with no pants fighting over a belt is a beauty, but it does at least speak to one of Vince McMahon's less insane ticks - it is a "championship title", regardless of how absurd that sounds in the wrong context being spewed out by Michael Cole. It's not functional, its not ordinary, it's everything.

In this list, there are classics and catastrophes linked arm-in-arm because each one was at least intended to mean something even if the execution got in the way. Championship matches - the winners, the losers, the ramifications - are everything. Without them, pro wrestling is nothing.

(If you haven't had the chance to, and it happens to be your thing, please have a look at the Champions companion piece to this from last week. For context, the same caveats in that introduction apply here, and as with that one, feel free to join in the great big fight about all our heroes in the comments below.)


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