Every WWE SmackDown LIVE Champion Ranked From Worst To Best

Who made the most of their time in 'The Land Of Opportunity'?


During the relatively brief existence of SmackDown LIVE, which lasted from the 2016 WWE brand extension until last week, there were almost 40 champions.

In those three years, the WWE Championship has been a constant presence, as well as the SmackDown Women's and Tag Team Championships.

Meanwhile, on Team Blue's midcard, there were times when the United States belt was around, and others when it was the IC Title - well, to be honest, these were rarely around, but that's a topic for another day.

We have decided to put all the wrestlers/stables who only won the Tag Team Titles together, because there really is no reason to rank Sheamus higher than Cesaro or vice-versa. The 24/7 and Women's Tag Team Titles have been left out, owing to the fact they are not brand specific.

Before we start, we should give a shout-out to the most accomplished champion ever in WWE. With victories over Naomi, Dolph Ziggler and The Hardy Boyz, Vacant once again made his presence felt by winning the United States, SmackDown Women's and Tag Team Championships in SmackDown LIVE's short history. They don't appear on this list however, just to give everyone else a chance.

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