Ex-AEW Star Says He Got "Soft And Lazy"

A former AEW worker has said he had "no fire" towards the end of his run.

Jack Evans AEW

Jack Evans has told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' show that he started to become "soft and lazy" towards the end of his AEW run.

The former tag-team star partially blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for his troubles, but admitted that injuries also played a part. By the end of 2020, Jack felt he had "deteriorated" as a worker too, and things got worse from there - he also told Van Vliet that he's always had "self-confidence problems" that make him "so nervous before [his] matches".

Time on the shelf without actively wrestling only made Evans worse, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. He stopped working out hard in the gym, and said he even "got plump". Jack's only exercise came in-ring, and that wasn't enough to stop him from getting "soft and lazy".


AEW decided against renewing his contract and released Evans last month. The wrestler refuses to direct blame at anybody else for that. No-one backstage was "politicking against him", and he said it's "pretty obvious" who's to blame for the way things panned out.

Jack closed by saying it's important to "be realistic" when things don't go well.

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